read online Windows 10: A Complete Beginner's Guide –

Microsoft s newest operating system, Windows , introduces a ton of new features and changes lots of settings If you re either brand new to the Windows world or just curious about the latest features in Windows , this is the book for you In fifteen descriptive chapters, the author walks through the process of installing Windows , setting up user accounts, connecting to your Microsoft account, syncing files with online storage, backing up your files, using antivirus and other security settings, and scores of other topicsEvery chapter contains step by step walkthroughs with full resolution, color photosTopics Include Installation Windows Explorer Working with Files Customizing the Interface Control Panel Connecting to Networks Advanced Network Settings Using the Web Home Groups File Sharing Installing New Programs Alternate Web Browsers Computer Maintenance PC Security Antivirus Cloud Syncing Full System Images File Backups Restoring Your System Microsoft Store User Accounts New Features in Windows Very basic Doesn t tell you anything about Windows 10 you didn t already know from what you have read in the press A waste of money It does not have a table of contents to review before you buy and now I know why. Not a bad little book I am aufait with most computer systems but simple Windows 10 had me stumped This book gives a general clue as to how things work on the system and how each of the programs work.It was worth the money just to point you in the right direction If you need a helping hand, this tells you how without the techno jargon Don t waste your money buying this book, the authors obviously not used Windows 10 I suspect the book was written sometime before its release before many new changes were announced For example Edge replaces Internet Explorer which according to the book is still Microsoft s web browser