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Pretty interesting account of a real murder a bit boring at times but that s the way daily life and work are at times Fascinating how the brain of some people work when greed takes over. Interesting criminal case, well written There are some good twists and turns in here Makes you realize that sometimes the main obstacle in a detective s way is his co workers. A very well written account of a horrible homicide and the dedication of several homicide detectives who went above and beyond to find the killers A truly horrific story with an ending that makes you believe in our judicial system. Good story Oh, the cop You just wouldn t quit. Pretty good but at times it dragged on a bit. GREAT true crime story Up there with Blood and Money, Helter Skelter. This book is very interesting for me as one of the main characters was from near my home town. OMG what a story and it s all true God bless the grit and determination of the gut instinct A novelist couldn t have made this up I sent this to my friends around the world to read Brilliant from first to last. Wanstrath Family, True Crime