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Every woman who joined the book club expected to expand their literary horizons But when they stop reading the classics and start exploring the steamy side of fiction, they discover just how much fun reading can be…When the book club makes their first erotic selection The Sexual Education of Lady Emma Whitehead, marketing executive Georgia Malone is surprised to find herself identifying with the main character Like Emma, Georgia is a widow who has never truly experienced the joys of sex But when she meets the spokesman for her newest campaign, Georgia’s longburied libido is awakened Hockey star Woody Hanrahan is charming and cocky—the sort of man Georgia usually avoids But while her mind is saying stay away, Georgia’s body is telling her to give in every time Woody comes near Now as her book club explores the tantalizing extremes of fiction, Georgia is experiencing first hand, and for the first time, the real pleasures of the flesh, and fulfilling the desires that—chapter by chapter—are getting delightfully dirty Woody is hers to command in a hundred deliciously wicked ways, but when it comes to writing her own happy ending, this dirty girl doesn’t just need his body—she wants his heart

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  1. karen karen says:

    countdown to fifty shades of valentine's day float!

    ummm, rippers?? you guys are gonna read this, too, right? because this book is okay, but not something i would have read without the protective herd of y'all around me.

    and i refuse to be the only one who has had to read lines like:

    She still had trouble believing she could use this spectacular body as her sensual playground.


    That man wasn't about to shelve his condoms in just one woman's bedside table.

    don't make me play the hurricane card.

    so, it seems this is just number one in what is going to be a series of books about these book club ladies. which i guess is good news, because i gotta tell you, this book, standing alone, is very poorly-titled. it is not about the dirty girl's book club. it is about one girl in the book club, and her sexual shenanigans, while the other ladies in the club are just occasional characters, and i have no proof that any of them are particularly dirty.

    i have never seen sex in the city, but i am under the impression, from the commercials, that on that show, four ladies get together and drink girly drinks and talk about where their vaginas have been that week. and i thought that's what this book would be: confessional tales of debauchery from women pretending they are in a book club, but who are really in a martini and sexual conquests club.

    no rules to join. and no limits once you're in...

    that is what the cover promises. but in canada, no limits seems to involve appies and bitching about the man booker award winners until one lady suggests they read something a little more frisky. and they do. and like mme bovary, one of them, at least, discovers a world of sexual possibilities.

    georgia (call me george) is a woman desperately in need of a sexual re-awakening. some unwanted statutory gropings and her mother's unhealthy addiction to relationships caused her to join some sort of celibacy cult in her teens, meet the virgin love of her life when she was fourteen, marry him at twenty, have her sweet fumbling wedding night schtupping, and then o no, he dies shortly thereafter. and now she is 28, and for the last three years.... nothing in her pants at all.

    'cuz she is all business - hair in a tight bun, scratchy business suits, starched shirts, take me seriously, i am a businesswoman attitude.

    Her boss at Dynamic Marketing had just appointed her, not her competition, Harry, as account manager on a major new campaign. She'd work her butt off to win this opportunity.

    that's great! you go, girl!! way to show them that sacrifice and hard work pay off and women can head a sportswear campaign featuring a major hockey star without cashing in on their sexuality and be just as good as a man could be and - wait - wait - what?? WHY ARE YOU SUDDENLY ON YOUR BACK ON THE CONFERENCE TABLE WHILE YOUR CLIENT IS PUTTING HIS - WAIT - WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOING??? is this because he called you a lesbian?? because you don't need to prove your heterosexuality that way. you could just, you know, say i am not a lesbian. i mean, if that matters to you.

    but goodie for her, she is given two orgasms.
    her first two orgasms.
    she will mention this many many times over the course of the book.
    it is a big deal that she had two orgasms.

    you're 28, and you have never had an orgasm. and that's fine, but you're a smart girl, right?? figure it out.

    (view spoiler)[two orgasms (hide spoiler)]

  2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    This is a fun, sexy story! Woody and Georgia are about as opposite as a man and woman can get but the old adage, “opposites attract” definitely applies to them. Their determination to remain uninvolved romantically while enjoying each others’ company in bed makes for some great sexual tension.

    This story made me think of many of my GR friends as Georgia and her book club friends have decided to broaden their horizons and have chosen their first erotic read, The Sexual Education of Lady Emma Whitehead, which we’re given snippets of throughout The Dirty Girls Book Club.

    This novel isn’t without flaws, namely the heroine who got on my nerves more than a few times, and I wish the characters had had more face-to-face book club discussions, but overall it’s a sexy, entertaining story and could be the start of a fun series, if the author chooses to go that way.

    Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine

  3. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    I like the concept of this book. Three girlfriends who meet for a monthly book club decide to spice it up and move away from their normal literary fiction selections, and choose a historical erotica instead. I assume subsequent books in this series will feature each book club member. This one focuses on Georgia and Woody. Georgia is a marketing executive in charge of a hockey star’s new VitalSports marketing campaign. Georgia married her true love, only to have him die in a car crash a few years later. Before she married and now, she lives a celibate lifestyle. As a teenager, her mom dressed her in slutty clothes and her mom’s boyfriend fondled her (she blames her loose mother for this) so she decides to live a very moral, straight life. But then she walks into the conference room to meet with Woody for the first time, and it all goes to hell.

    Woody is a very well known hockey star. He agreed to this new endorsement deal because his agent (who he has known since he was 14 and got him into hockey in the first place) stole all his money to support his gambling addiction. Woody now needs money since his mother is very ill and he is paying for her to be in Switzerland for medical treatment (are you still with me?)

    So this new endorsement deal includes an underwear campaign, which is why Woody is standing in the conference room only wearing a black thong. Georgia is shocked and embarrassed. Woody is just pissed off he has to wear the damn thing. When the other two businessmen leave to go sign paperwork, Woody can’t help himself and tells Georgia that he has wanted her since he first saw her (uh..which was five minutes earlier) Woody then approaches her (in his thong in the conference room) and touches her hair. Then kissing begins.

    We next learn Georgia has never experienced an orgasm. Not with her late husband or even on her own. Oh the horror! But, Georgia is also strictly celibate right now, it apparently means a lot to her…but wait. When Woody ever so romantically says, “Shit, Georgia, I want you,” and Georgia observes:

    The dense, dark curls of his pubic hair matched those of his beard…”

    ..the celibacy pact she made with herself goes out the window. How can she resist? An orgasm looms in her future!!! Actually two. Plus score with the matching pubes! I didn’t realize a dude’s pubes had to match his facial hair for lust to ensue.

    Of course then she feels shamed and embarrassed and blah blah she shouldn’t have done it. She pushes Woody away and the story continues. It actually continues into sex scenes that are kind of boring. But a few other points I would like to bring up. First of all, Woody is desperate for money. Georgia is his marketing executive. Why in the hell would they have sex, at her office after knowing each other for five minutes? Has anyone heard of being professional? If Woody is this serious about doing a big time endorsement, would he risk it by having sex like this? And Georgia is this super, uptight, woman who is very serious. Why would she let this unfold? I don’t buy the whole, ‘she just wanted to experience an orgasm’ routine..

    From here, they obviously have to spend a lot of time together, so a romance slowly develops. I found it odd just how much Georgia didn’t know about hockey, it would seem it would be part of her job to research as much as possible since she is in charge of his entire marketing campaign. I also found her to be very judgmental and prone to use stereotypes about Woody and hockey in general, again not seeming professional at all.

    I also wished there was more interaction with her girlfriends. We get excerpts from the historical erotica book they are reading, which kind of match what is happening in Georgia’s love life. We see how they girls email each other about the book. But I missed actual girlfriend interaction.

    The last quarter of the book, Georgia becomes much more likable and I actually enjoyed their banter and relationship. I just wish she had been that much fun to begin with because by the end it was too late.

    Rating: D

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Instead of giving you yet another recap of the book description I’m just going to jump right into my opinion of Dirty Girls Book Club. I think that this story was very well written. The details were very thorough and the editing was fantastic. Personally I’ve been aggravated lately with stories that have so many errors that you need to reread a paragraph ten times to figure out what they actually meant to say. That is not a problem here. Samantha’s editor is on the ball. However, in my opinion, the title of the book didn’t do any justice for the story inside. Luckily, the story more than made up for it.

    Georgia’s character comes off as up tight and prudish in the start of the story and Woody seems a bit arrogant and very relationship shy. But they both have good reason behind their behavior. Georgia believed appearing too feminine in any situation would give men an invitation to go after what wasn’t offered and due to her upbringing she felt very strongly that she needed to be independent above all else. Woody’s upbringing wasn’t any better. He had a past that he tried very hard to keep out of the limelight, which isn’t easy to do when you’re a hockey star. For his entire career Woody managed to avoid doing product endorsements, but when his manager gambled away all his money, Woody was left with no other choice if he were going to help his sick mother. And then there were his trust issues. But I think anyone who’s had so many betrayals – by people you should be able to trust above all else – would feel the same way.

    To me the characters were very real. Maybe not so much common, since we can’t all be sports stars or big-time ad execs, but for the situation it couldn’t have been more genuine. These are real people problems and real people responses to the given situation. This is a book I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a good romance story that isn’t far-fetched.

  5. Jess Jess says:

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads
    Blog rating: 2.5/5

    Georgia is heading up a major marketing campaign for a sportswear client who has signed on Woody Hanrahan, an all-star hockey player in Vancouver, as their model for the company’s launch in Canada. These two people don’t get off to the best start, which lasts for just minutes until these two strangers get busy in Georgia's office. Georgia is all buttoned up, she takes her job seriously and believes she needs to completely reform Woody in order for him to be the appropriate face of VitalSport. Woody wants to be anywhere but attached to this contract, but a huge betrayal by a close friend has him desperate for money and led him to sign this endorsement deal, the first one he’s ever done. The first meeting between Georgia and Woody is intense, they meet and (as I mentioned above) within the hour are having sex in a conference room. Even this early in the story, if felt so out of character for Georgia who can only talk about her husband who was killed and how he was her soul mate, her first and only lover and yet she’s so completely taken with Woody that she throws all that aside for hot sex? I mean, good for Georgia (!) and while incredibly hot, it still felt a little out there, especially happening so early on in the story.

    The story centers around the VitalSports campaign as well as Woody leading his team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Woody, who I found to be loveable in a gruff and tough kind of way, is a little rough around the edges. Georgia feels like he needs refinement in order to properly represent the company during his ad campaign. This includes criticizing and correcting his speech, his table manners, his knowledge of things such as wine. I found it very, very hard to like Georgia early on. She came off as snotty and as though she was looking down her nose at Woody about everything he was doing. All it ended up doing was putting me on the side of Woody and not caring at all about Georgia.

    Both Woody and Georgia have some issues in their past that are influencing them in the present. Georgia is dealing with a mom who had boyfriends and husbands coming in and out of a young Georgia’s life. She was assaulted by one boyfriend when she was a young teen and it drove her to start dressing in baggie clothes, she gained weight, she dealt with it as best she could, but even today she doesn’t play up anything even remotely feminine. She’s 100% business, dressing very conservatively and she needs to loosen up. Woody had people in his past and present betray him badly. He didn’t have a safe home life growing up and the man who was like a father figure to him, and later his manager, betrayed him horribly. There’s something about Woody that made me want to cheer for this guy. He’s a little unrefined, but nothing that came off badly to me, however he takes his lessons from Georgia seriously and he’s a quick learner. I found myself liking him more and more as the story went on, and I wanted him to find happiness.

    Georgia was a hard heroine to like. She goes on and on through the whole story about how she lost her one soul mate to a car accident and hopes to find another soul mate eventually. I got tired of hearing her talk about her ideal of a soul mate and how she’d never find that feeling with Woody. Woody does get her to loosen up some and they have some very hot, steamy sex scenes, but I just found it easier to connect with Woody in the story than I did with Georgia. I always had a hard time understanding her definition of soul mate. Her first husband, she talks about the great connection they had, they shared the same interests, were best friends, but sexually, they didn’t work. She never even orgasmed with him…how can he be such a wonderful soul mate if he doesn’t complete and satisfy all parts of her life, and she to him? I ultimately got tired of all her soul mate talk.

    There is also a story within the story, Georgia belongs to a small book club and the women are reading an erotic historical. As Georgia’s reading the story, passages are included so we get introduced to those characters. The story that Georgia’s reading loosely parallels what she’s going through with Woody, so in that respect it was interesting to have those details included but I could have taken or left that aspect. It did help serve as another way for Georgia to start to grow and change her idea of what a “soul mate” looks and acts like. I liked getting to know the other three women in her book club, and hope to see more of them in future.

    I always enjoy stories that include sports and I really liked the scenes that had Woody on the ice leading his team in the playoffs. It’s fun to actually have sports scenes with the hero playing instead of just saying that the hero is hockey player but never seeing that side of him. We get to know Woody as a team captain very well and it added more depth to his character.

    I ended up split on this story, I had issues with Georgia but I enjoyed Woody who is a fun hero, dealing with a lot on his plate and he handles it as best he can. Georgia was so hard to warm up to. I did end up liking her more as the story went along and she lost the attitude she has at the beginning. I do hope the other women in the book club get their own stories, even though we don’t get to know them on a very personal level, there’s enough detail given to know that not all is right in each of their worlds and I’m curious to know more.

  6. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Rhayne's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

    4 Stars

    The Dirty Girls Book Club is a fun, sexy, intriguing read that is easy to get hooked on. It’s written a lot like a hockey playoff game, fast paced, exciting, and leaves you breathless at the end.

    Georgia has landed her first major marketing campaign. She is extremely career driven and needs to show her boss that she has what it takes to make this assignment successful. Her professional career is on the path to greatness, but her personal life is less than thrilling. She lost her husband in an auto accident 3 years ago. Since she lost her one true soul mate, her sex life has been at a stand-still. Sex without an emotional concern does not interest her in the slightest. Not that her sex life was all that exciting to begin with, she never experienced the mad rush of passion and arousal. Sex to her was a sharing of mind, body, and soul. It was not to be enjoyed strictly for pleasure.

    Her one true escape from her monotonous life is her weekly book club. It’s not until one of them suggest they all read a historical erotic book that Georgia’s mind starts to accept the idea that one can have sex just for pleasure with no attachment. There doesn’t have to be a deep bond between a woman and a man. When two people desire and burn for one another, passion can consume you and its okay to let it happen.

    Woody is the captain of a NHL hockey team that is in contention to win The Stanley Cup. He is player not only on the ice, but in the bedroom. He’s never lacked for female attention, but he has a strict playoff rule to never get involved with women during post season. His focus needs to be on the game and nothing else. He is a private person and has a few secrets he needs to keep out of the public eye. However, after being betrayed by his agent and losing his entire career earnings he needs to start accepting some endorsement offers so he can dig out of the financial disaster he was left in.

    From the first moment Georgia and Woody are paired together to bring this campaign to life, they have a combustible chemistry that pulls them together. She has never felt a physical reaction to a stranger before, and he is taken back by the desire he feels for her. Woody is very upfront that he wants her. He is also very upfront that he only wants her body. He does not do relationships, ever! She decides that he may not ever be her soul mate, but he can be her sex mate. What better way to learn about all the things she has been reading about than to get a little one on one sexual education at the hands of a master.

    The relationship with these two is scorching hot. The sex scenes are written in a way that makes you need a sweat towel and a cold shower to cool yourself off. He teaches her about pleasure and desire and she ultimately teaches him about trust and love. I enjoyed the way this book entwined the erotic story from the book club throughout this current story. It was almost like reading two stories in one. It was done with a perfect balance that flowed really well. As a huge hockey fan I love the way the voyage of playoff season was portrayed. It was descriptive and accurate. Everything from the player’s health, the silly superstitions, and extensive travel schedule was spot on.

    The only part of the story that I struggled with was when they first started working together, she came across very condescending towards him. She was constantly correcting his speech and even his table manners. It made her character seem almost bitchy, which is far from the way Georgia actually is. I wished the nagging would have been toned down just a bit.

    Overall this was an exciting, exhilarating journey of two people who get to experience the pure joy of pleasure, trust, and ultimately love.

  7. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    This review was posted at Under the Covers

    Way to make a book attractive by just looking at the cover. Not only is it a stunning cover, but the title of this book is bound to catch your eye and make you want to read it. Although I'll admit I don't think it necessarily goes with the book. Yes, there is a book club involved in the life of our heroine but they are by no stretch of the imagination a bunch of dirty girls and the book they are just now reading is their first smutty read.

    That being put a hot hockey star with a dubious past, a buttoned up woman that has a lot of energy that needs to be released, and a cute storyline without too much drama and that's for sure the recipes for a light, sexy and enjoyable read.

    I couldn't put this book down. It was sexy from the very beginning, and by that I mean sex early on (like in the first 20 pages). I just had to like the hero. Woody Hanrahan, the hockey star, has no money. His manager, and one of the few people that Woody trusted, gambled most of his money away. Woody's moms cancer treatments are expensive and that leaves Woody cornered into accepting a sponsoring deal. That right there is reason enough for me to like the guy. Add in the fact that he is one of the best players to step on the ice, extremely good looking (looks really hot in a thong) and is just a tad rough around the edges to be cute. Mmmmmmm

    Georgia works for the marketing firm handling the campaign and since this is her first job where she's in charge, she has to make a good impression. But everything pretty much goes out of the window because the sparks between them are instant (see reference to sex above).

    Georgia and Woody are so different and they are both the total opposite of what each would normally go for. I love when those types of relationships can work. I consider this a light read because there wasn't a whole lot of conflict in this story. But sometimes the lack of stressful situations is a nice change of pace and just what I need to read.

    Another thing I enjoyed is the fact that you get to read along with Georgia the erotic historical that the book club was reading. The story in that book mirrors her relationship with Woody quite well and I think it must've been fun for the author to write both versions of the story where she got to give them two different endings.

    I'm not sure if this is meant to be a series but I see the possibility. The book club girls need to find their HEAs!! I think Georgia's friends are a lot of fun and I would even include Viv into that group, maybe they should invite her to a book club dinner.

    *ARC provided by publisher

  8. Amy Amy says:


    Originally posted at

    Heroine Georgia Malone is a Marketing Consultant and her first solo campaign is an American company that manufactures sports and leisure wear and equipment. The company, VitalSport, is expanding into the Canadian market. The figurehead is Canadian hockey star, Woody Hanrahan.

    The book begins with Georgia meeting with four friends who have established a book club together. The majority of the women feel their recent book choices have been too boring. One friend suggests that they expand their book selection for the month into a more racy genre; historical erotica. Georgia immediately comes off as the prude of the club. We quickly learn she was celibate prior to her first marriage. Now a widow, she has returned to celibacy determined to not have sex unless marriage is in the cards. Georgia has never experienced sexual pleasure but is not opposed to reading about it in the latest book club selection.When Georgia enters the conference room for her initial meeting with Woody, she finds him in a thong. Immediately flustered, she does not understand why he is naked and asks him to put on clothes so they can conduct the meeting. He asks if she has a problem with nudity then assumes she is a lesbian and voices his assumption to which she does not deny.

    Woody is attracted to Georgia but knows she is not a “puck bunny” and therefore tries to focus on the meeting; still only wearing a thong. (Apparently the thong is part of the “leisure wear” of VitalSport.) After the meeting, Georgia’s boss and the representative from VitalSport leave to sign contracts. Woody begins flirting with Georgia, she accuses him of being a homophobe, they argue, she states she is not a lesbian and he tells her he’s wanted her since he first saw her (all of about 5 minutes ago). He makes the moves on her in the conference room, gives her her first orgasm, and they have sex on the table. This is the same woman who stated, “She was glad she wasn’t a very sexual being. Celibacy was easy.”

    All of this bizarre behavior takes place in the first 33 pages to which I decide the storyline is outlandish, the characters are absurd and I have no desire to continue.

  9. Darcy Darcy says:

    I will admit that the title of this one grabbed my attention, but it wasn't as near dirty as I thought it would be, it was however very fun to read. Woody was charming in the way some men who are just big 5 year olds can be, while Georgia was trying to ride herd on him, to make the advertising campaign a success.

    I really liked 2 different aspects of this book, the first with the girls reading a book that seemed to parallel Georgia's life and the classing up of Woody.

    As the girls read the book it was interesting the comments they made. Some of them made me wish that there would have been more with them as I have a feeling they all are experiencing romance issues in their lives and that is why this book seemed to strike a cord with them all, but for very different reasons. It was fun to see Georgia slyly bring up her issues and what the responses were. I thought it very interesting when they were done and ready to pick a new book all of them could agree to a book with no sex.

    At the start of the book was I surprised by how fast things happened for Woody and Georgia, I think he just steamrolled over her and she didn't know what to do or think. The more they spent time together working on his deportment it seemed like the more they realized the first incident wasn't an accident. I really liked that Woody didn't get too bent out of shape with all the fixing they were doing to him and that he realized it wasn't all bad. I think what really sunk it home for him was the dinner with the Judge. I really liked that scene as it showed Woody a whole different side to male friendships other than those sports based ones he had.

    When things started to become public things happened about the way I thought they would. I realized that Woody's past would probably come out and with so few people to pick form I knew things didn't look good for our couple. I was glad to see that they worked things out by realizing what was missing in their lives and letting the other one know. The big proclamation at the end had me grinning and happy for them.

  10. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    I was intrigued by the premise of this book, but unfortunately, it failed to hold my interest. Though the writing is flowing and easy-to-read, I found that the heroine, Georgia was difficult to like. She is uptight and very serious and has never had an orgasm before. In this new endorsement deal with the sexy hockey player, Georgia seemed very judgemental and very uninformed about hockey. This made it hard to really believe that she is a marketing executive who is in charge of the entire campaign. One would think she would do her research beforehand. Furthermore, she delved into way too many stereotypes concerning hockey that made it hard for me to relate to her.

    Woody and Georgia jump right into the sex after meeting each other for five minutes. This is hard to believe since until then, Georgia was portrayed as a very uptight, serious person. However, Fox does pen some intensely hot sex scenes in this book. I would have just liked to see them unfold under more believable circumstances. I also very much enjoyed the interaction with the group of girls and also the excerpts from the erotic book. More of this would have perhaps made me enjoy this book a little more. Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the characters in this particular book but will give Fox another try and am hopeful that she will persuade me to keep reading with the next book I try.

    Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction