Prime The Closer You GetAuthor Kristi Gold –

Better than I expected I even think the author s choice of words are better than Abbi Glines s Even though the story is not too deep, I m still tempted to finish it till the last page. Taking their romance on the road Camille Carson has known performers like Brett Taylor arrogant, egotistical, incapable of commitment And Brett, the Texas cowboy turned country music superstar, is no different She knows that even if he makes her feel as though she s the only woman in the room when he starts crooning those romantic ballads Resisting him is impossibleStill, Cammie s smart enough to know that this affair with Brett is as fleeting as her temporary gig with his crew So when she starts believing his lyrics, she knows she s heaping on the heartache Yet there s something about him that whispers he might not be just another star Could be his young daughter waiting in the wings Could be how he is offstage If Brett isn t the man Cammie thinks he could be, it s not too late to cut and run But what if he is Interesting read I enjoyed the band members and their comradeship Loved the big gestures. Category Romance with More Really enjoyed it Wished for a littlesuspenseful plotting, but overall a really hood book to read DNF at 70%.because I could not buy what the h agreed tojust did not make sense. I was into this and then I wasn t I think the famous person stuff is reasonably well done, but after awhile the hero s angst just started making me roll my eyes And all the points off for public proposals JUST SAY NO. Nothing great Liked the storyline but it just drug on and didn t keep my attention.