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I was warned that this wasn't the best book in the world and that was an understatement This is the WORST book I read in 2009 It was so repetitive, a boring plot, 2D characters, etc etc etc Wow – it was bad It was so bad that I had to read it completely to fully appreciate it's true crapiness I try to avoid reading reviews and even the back covers of books, but this book was so unbelievably terrible that about halfway through, I took a good look at the cover in case I was missing something… imagine my surprise to see 'award winning author above Gloria Goldreich's name'! How? Not this book! The book is so bad that the synopsis on the back had 4 out of the 6 characters WRONGLY NAMED I think the editor and the reviewer didn't even read this book Wow It was BAD! Painful! Brutal! I should have known better than to pick this one up, but at least now I can warn the rest of you This book barely has a plot, the characters are flat and twodimensional, and their secrets, when revealed, turn out to be not all that interesting after all Even if reading a book about women using a book club as an excuse to talk about their troubles with relationships, children, etc., is your cup of tea, you can do better If it's not, Dinner with Anna Karenina won't win you over Stay away. I didn’t read Jane Austen’s Book Club, I only watched the movie Perhaps I wouldn’t have liked that book either, but that movie inspired me to read this book, which I definitely didn’t like I found it pretentious and selfserving that the characters were constantly guiltridden about their curiosity of their friends’ marriage, becameimportant that the stories of their lives, that they had to state over and over again how much they loved literature and how because they wanted to discuss it and the authors it put them above the average reader, these were all annoying points.Along with the annoyances – this wasn’t anything special The characters were your runofthemill “groupies” their storylines were predictable and their decisions were boring While everyone was mulling over Eric’s possible offense, I called the secret halfway through and I was only skimming After the first painful 100 pages I took to speed reading – blowing past the mental angst to pick up the meat of the story and get to the end. I love reading books about books and this one was quite good Six friends get together for regular book club meetings and throughout the year make changes to their own lives based on their reactions to the books they've read and their reactions to what's going on in each other's lives I thought the author did a really good job creating the book discussions The book club had read the biographies of the authors as well as their major literary works and each character had a fresh and unique perspective on the books and the authors' lives as they related to their own I also thought the author portrayed a women's group in an authentic way They like each other, they're friends, they enjoy each other's company but they also irritate each other, gossip about each other and envy each other The book got a little mawkish at times but overall, I really enjoyed it. A novel featuring books and book clubs, Dinner with Anna Karenina follows the lives of six women throughout the course of a year as they work their way through literary classics as well as a host of personal problems Rather than focus on a central character or couple, the novel encompasses the professional and personal lives of each of the six ladies—Trish, Donna, Rita, Cynthia, Jen, and Elizabeth—while chronicling their bimonthly book club dinners and progressively deepening friendships It is at the first of these meetings, hosted by the “prom queen” of the group, Cynthia, that she announces she is separating from her husband Cynthia’s lack of an explanation for the dissolution of her glamorous and perfect life prompts unintended introspection and change in the lives of the other ladies as they ponder what must have happened to end Cynthia’s marriage Each book club member in turn must take a closer look at her own life choices and decide what changes are necessary As the months pass, the book club friendships deepen as the ladies open up to each other and begin taking control of their lives, setting up dramatic and surprising changes for all of them by the end of their year together ***Because this novel centers on members of a book club and their meetings, author Gloria Goldreich includes several wellknown literary classics for her characters to discuss For each meeting, one member of the group leads the discussion, summarizing the text and including biographical notes on the author before the others contribute their opinions Therein, it is not necessary to have read the book club’s selections to be able to follow and enjoy their discussions, but for anyone who would like further reading as suggested by Goldreich, her selections include: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert, The Reef by Edith Wharton, The Letters of Edith Wharton, The Lottery and Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi, The Bell Jar and the Ariel poems by Sylvia Plath, and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.*** Can I give it nothing? It was so horrible, I did something that I loathe I skipped/skimmed pages to the end to see if the question they are asking through out the entire book is ever answered It's my book pet peeve, where they constantly ask the same question and never answer it in a book, and never just come out and ask the person what they are thinking Sorry, what a waste of time. I enjoyed this book Some reviewed it as slow and wordy It was pretty predictable, but I was interested in the characters, and I don't mind slower stories, so I liked it I also have read The Jane Austen Book Club and The Friday Night Knitting Club, which are slightly similar to this book I found that toward the end of this book there is meaning, and it contains some honest/frank examples of friendships between women. a literary groundhog daywhat might have been a good story at 100 pages was brutally dragged into 360 for all the talk of insightful literary critique, the author gives her own readers no credit to pick up on even the most blatent concepts. Dinner With Anna Karenina Goldreich, GloriaNotRetrouvez Dinner With Anna Karenina et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Dinner with AnaIMDb Directed by Jianna Maarten With Sadie Alexandru, Alexandra Anthony, Michael Lanham, Patrick Scott Lewis Everyone has secrets Tonight they will face theirs A couple who have the life others covet invite their friend Ana and her new fiance Ty to dinner Secrets and desires, both old and new take over the evening as the three of them are forced to face the truths they thought they buried under the facade of Dinner with Anna Karenina by Gloria Goldreich A novel featuring books and book clubs, Dinner with Anna Karenina follows the lives of six women throughout the course of a year as they work their way through literary classics as well as a host of personal problems Rather than focus on a central character or couple, the novel encompasses the professional and personal lives of each of the six ladiesTrish, Donna, Rita, Cynthia, Jen, and Dinner With Anna KareninaGoldreich, GloriaDinner With Anna KareninaGoldreich, Gloria Livres anglais et trangers Passer au contenu principal Bonjour, Identifiez vous Compte et listes Identifiez vous Compte et listes Retours et Commandes Testez Prime Panier Livres anglais et trangers Go RechercherDinner with Anna Karenina Gloria Goldreich, Written with a refreshing insight, Dinner with Anna Karenina takes an absorbing look at the complex lives and friendships of modern women From their concealed rivalries with each other to their ongoing trials with husbands and lovers, award winning author Gloria Goldreich s lyrical narrative captures their individual voices and struggles, with poignancy, humor and truth Dinner with Anna Kareninaedition Open Dinner with Anna Karenina by Gloria Goldreich, unknown edition,Dinner with Anna Karenina AudibleDinner with Anna Karenina Audible Audio Edition Gloria Goldreich, Gabrielle De Cuir, Audible Studios Audible Audiobooks Dinner with Anna Karenina Book,Dinner with Anna Karenina Gloria Goldreich Six women drawn together by their love of literature get together each month to discuss their favorite novels, as well as to rally around each other when painful truths and dark betrayals areDinner with Anna YouTube This video is unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue THEBEST Dinner Restaurants in Anna Maria Best Dinner Restaurants in Anna Maria Island, Florida Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Anna Maria Island Dinner Restaurants and search by price, location, and Expected somethingliterary This was really just chick lit that mentioned literary fiction.