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audible audiobook Ok Didn t quite gel for me And though i appreciate the story is meant as a vignette, but too many loose ends left open for me Bought as part of audible escape package. RAWWWR I loved this sexy book Beautifully crafted writing, so rich and textured Amazing Love the heroes and how the authors were able to do such great characterization even though it s short. This was a good erotic m nage historical short story There is no real romance or HEA though Sophie does love Sebastian her lover and Edward her deceased husbands nephew Sophie and Sebastian are trying to top each other in the sexual relationship and when Edward comes to visit Sophie she asks him to stay and participate in a night of erotic play I need to find out if these characters show up in other books written by Ms Jackson. This is plain sex simple as that There is no clear cut romance just historical menage between current and ex lovers Erotica clearly but romance not a chance This is just a single night there maybein a full version possibly , but no guarantees. Interesting short erotic novella. This was an exceptionally well written historical erotica story Loved the period detail, the dialog, and the spicy bits I especially loved the ending, just the right amount of poignancy for the story. It was o.k for a short story Terrible front cover they look like wax dummies Merry widow Sophie, Lady Atherly, and her lover have made a game of shocking each other with their wanton encounters Sebastian is currently in the lead, but she has a plan to even the score a threesome with her friend and previous lover, Edward Sophie still entertains fantasies about Edward, and the idea of having both men at once promises pleasure beyond anything she s experienced before Sebastian is ready to play along, but with one condition that Sophie submit completely to the two rogues commands My review can be found at The Discriminating Fangirl Beware of spoilers My review can be found at The Discriminating Fangirl Beware of spoilers an interesting menage story It seems like the story wasn t done and needs to be continued