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This was my favorite Anna Quindlin book!People who might consider reading this:MothersdaughtersHusbands wifesPeople who value educationPeople who value familyPeople who value communityPeople who have ever cheated have thought of cheating or have been a child of parents who havePeople who question 'what's right' and 'what's wrong..(are willing to consider that maybe YOU'VE got it backwards).People who know 'somebody' who has had cancerPeople who know people who have who isn't this book for? Got me! Cancer Sucks!! This book hit way too close to home for me on multiple levels I lost my grandmother 3 years ago to Cancer, and my family moved into her home to help take care of her, eventually bringing in a nurse until we finally had to move her into hospice I can't imagine going through this with my own parents and having these feelings and emotions illustrated so perfectly raw really took me to a whole new level of gratefulness Ellen comes home to take care of her mom (against her will) while her mom starts chemo and the eventual downhill that follows Ellen gets to know her mom in a way that she never would have, they build the Gulden Girls Book and Cook Club My heart broke for Kate and Ellen Their relationship, the tension between husbandwife, and fatherdaughter felt all too real Only a few things really held me back from giving this book a full 5 stars The ending was a huge letdown from the emotions that drove the rest of the book, I wantedfrom Quindlen The other thing that bothered me was how detached Ellen was emotionally just felt a little off.This quote ripped my heart apart and sums up this book's emotions perfectly, I'd read them all before I just wanted a chance to read them again I wanted a chance to read them with you. I just love Anna Quindlen She understands life, she understands death, grieving, and our complex human emotions And her writing is perfection; beautiful enough to bring me to tears Quindlen had me contemplating how I view my own family stories Are our relationships really how we imagine them, or just a “vast web of misunderstandings, a tinted and touched up family portrait, an accurate representation of fact that leaves out only the essential truth”?Ellen has reluctantly quit her successful New York career to move in with her parents and take care of her dying mother Ellen always had a good relationship with her father, but felt she had little in common with her mother But as Mr Gulden downright refuses to help in the care giving, Ellen learns what kind of man her father really is The revelations about her mother’s stayathome life are surprising to Ellen as well Early on, mother and daughter decide to form a book club so that they have something to share, reading Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, and Anna Karenina This was a lovely idea, and gave so much insight into their relationship and ideas about women This story tugged at my heart That Ellen had to watch her mom deteriorate into an unrecognizable shell of her former self, then to be accused of a mercy killing to put an end to both her mom’s and her own suffering, was very difficult to read about But regardless, I do plan to read about it all over again someday, something very rare for me A very rare book. I have been wanting to read this book, but have been reluctant to start it I feared it would strike too close to home, and bring up many feelings of my mom's illness and death The book did do so, of course, but in a good wayit was oddly cathartic, reassuring, and comforting Moving the furniture around to fit the hospital bed in the living roomlooking at the house layout and stairs in a whole new way The line where she says she thinks it would be difficult to bury someone in the beginning of May undid me The description of working so hard to make that last Christmas 'as it always was' was on the money In many ways, the book was like someone else truly understood what I had felt Well done **Only after reading other reviews and seeing the other book editions, did I remember that I saw this movie in college I absolutely cried my eyes out then walked out of the theater still bawling and sniffling And yet reading the book today, I never cried Amazing how you can approach the very same work from such a different place in your life. Ellen Gulden leaves her life as a successful New York journalist, to return home and care for her mother Kate diagnosed with cancer In the short time they have left, the relationship between mother and daughtertender, awkward and revealingdeepens, and Ellen is forced to confront painful truths about her adored father After Kate's death, Ellen goes from devoted daughter to prime suspect, accused of the mercy killing This is one of my alltime favorite books You can read the synopsis for yourself, but in short Ellen Gulden is a Harvardeducated writer living in New York, on the cusp of greatness Her father is a Lit Professor and Ellen connects with him,than her stayathome mother, Kate Kate is diagnosed with cancer, and with the urging of her father, Ellen leaves the city and moves home to help take care of her mother and the chores The mindnumbing existence her mother leads quickly takes a toll on Ellen, but soon she sees what her mom does and how she does it with such grace and love, her affection shifts from the intellectual connection she has with her father to understanding her mom There are other factors/reasons for this as well, but I don't want to post any spoilers When reading One True Thing, I find myself connected to both women, Ellen Gulden and her mother, Kate I relate to both of them As a young woman, the mere thought of keeping house and washing baby clothes was as repulsive a thought as cleaning a toilet As a mother, I see the world through Kate's heart, and Ellen's eyes To be a mother, and know you won't see your child marry, or your son find his place in this world is terrifying It goes against everything we strive to accomplish The balance between these women and the men in their lives hits every button I possess I read this book often, and each time I'm left in tears, yet wholly comforted in some way I'm a great fan of Ms Quindlen and One True Thing is just about as good as it gets. One True Thing by Anna QuindlenThis book is one of my favorite books by Anna Quindlen Many years ago I read Black and Blue by this same author and it was frighteningly realistic about what it feels like to have to change your name, live in hiding, constantly on hyper alert Because restraining orders don't save lives, when they are not taken seriously, by habitual abusers Black and Blue, if I remember correctly, wasplot driven than One True Thing Both are written earlier in Quindlen's writing career, but very different books.One True Thing isof a study in character It starts out with a revelation in a short type of prologue This novel does essentially at the heart of it, ask the questions of how well do we know our family and how well do we know ourselves Over the course of reading this book my opinions about the main character Ellen Gulden changes I formed an opinion about the type of person she was, but by the end of the book my opinion about her changed dramatically.This book came highly recommended to me by my good friend, Elyse She was right about this book being wonderful It was also Elyse's favorite books by Anna Quindlen I am glad I read this book, if only, because I learned, that we might think we know a person, but there are often many things, that change our perceptions of a person, when we don't know as much as we think we know.I hope I remember that important lesson I have not mentioned what this story is specifically about That is because I don't want to give anything away We read the blurb on dust jackets when we are in a bookstore because we want to decide if the book is going to interest us More recently, I have noticed that these blurbs on the dust jacket summarize what the book is about Sometimes these dust jackets give us too much information I went into this story totally blind and came out after reading it with a much richer, rewarding reading experience.Not knowing much about a book is fast becoming my favorite type of reading I appreciate the bookLearn about the characters Anna Quindlen's, One True Thing, the reader has got to keep in mind, while reading it, that it was published in 1994 Many things have changed such as technological advances since 1994 Even the way a novel is written has changed This is a story that by the end, everybody can relate too It is a story about the relationship's we build with our families One of the character's has cancer, in its advanced stage It is about the stories we tell ourselves, which are not always reliable This is a book for everybody Highly recommended to have patience with the pacing of the narrative, at the beginning of this novel, as it's rich, descriptive style is essential to understanding the outcome of this remarkable book Five Stars. This is one of those books that haunts you long after you read it It is about the relationships between an adult daughter, her dying mother and the father she adores The daughter puts her career on hold to return home, as her father demands, to care for her mother I read it a year or so after caring for my own dying mother, and several passages were so perfectly descriptive of the emotionally charged experience that I was moved to tears Quindlen writes as though from experience, though her own mother died suddenly when she was a young adult The book is beautifully done, and one of my favorites of all time Very highly recommended. I read this book shortly after my own Mom died, so it was especially painful I loved the book and cook club and how the daughter finally was able to establish an adult relationship with a woman she had totally misjudged The book explores being pulled painfully out of our childhood misconceptions about who our family members are The daughter gained a mother just to lose her, and lost a father after being forced to see him exposed to the harsh light of reality rather than through childish adoration It's a book worth reading again. I got this novel because the girl I was into at that time, was into this book, but I just couldn't get into it It was OK OKish Maybe it's great, or maybe it's below average I don't know I was too irritated, even then with the company it kept, with whom it associated so freely, to enjoy it really, to truly enjoy it Quindlen's Black and Blue is actually pretty good, read that one That one I did enjoy and even liked It is still relevant in this climate But don't fall for a good woman, you'll end up disliking a perfectly good novel as a result of your failure and shortcomings, of not letting her in, of not letting her way way in.