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4th INSTALLMENT of the Black Swan serial saga READING IN ORDER STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.Author's Note:One of the questions that I'm most often asked is, What inspired this story? Or, How do you create your characters?For the first three books I was stumped for answer The reason why I never knew how to answer these questions is because it doesn't feel like I created a story or characters It feels like I'm just reporting events, chronicling the lives of certain people along with their friends, families, or associates.Readers tell me they get the sense that the characters and world are so real that you might find them just around the next corner I love hearing that because it's a reflection of my own perspective I confess to entertaining the idea that I am reporting, in real time, on a world that is every bit as real as this in a similar, but alternate dimension My best,Victoria The story continues to touch on the lives of former B Team members and their families while new characters and situations are introducedTHE NEWSLETTER: Ram and Elora move into temporary quarters at Jefferson Unit to protect mother and baby Storm gives a surprising answer when he’s tapped by Sol to replace him as Jefferson Unit Sovereign Litha solicits her father to help Black SwanTHE SURPRISE: B Team learns the shocking truth about the origin of the vampire virus Monq races to develop a defense system to repel invasion by Stagsnare terrorists and assassinsTHE ADVENTURE: Desperation drives Stalkson Grey to embark on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams in a bid to save the Elk Mountain werewolves from extinctionTHE ROMANCE: In the process of migrating the Elk Mountain werewolves to a new home, Grey learns that true love can find you in the strangest places, even when you’re far, far from home Steamy scenes No menage No BDSM Starting with one of the best opening lines.everthis fourth installment in the Order of the Black Swan series takes up seamlessly from where the journey last left us, and delivers us into yet another world of truly creative, imaginative fun! Marked by plenty of returns from many of the characters we loved in the earlier books, this book introduces evenriveting characters while delving into the werewolf way of life, yet opens the way for manyadventures to come Love at first sight? It happens in Victoria's booksbut not without plenty of complications to keep the story interesting I have to say, I laughed aloud plenty of times, and did my best to repeat many of the lines in an admittedly horrible Irish accent but it was fun to try! Miss Danaan has really created a fun new world(s) for us to enjoy At this point, I'm ready for the next one! Too bad this gifted author cannot write as quickly as I can read. I am SO glad this book came out! It broughtinvolvement to a character I really wasn't that interested in originally It also created a friendship that I don't think ANYONE saw coming! Victoria has addedcharacters as well, and done them as she always does, with great depth and care, all the while still keeping up with all of your favorites as well! Fantastic read! A love that is so powerful it is all consuming.What would you do for love?Are you willing to run into fire for the one you love?Victoria Danann's 4th book in her Order of the Black Swan series is another AMAZING page turner Her ability to draw you into the story and evoke laughter, tears, giggles and even fist pumps only proves she's one talented manipulator of words I found myself dreading the last page only because I didn't want it to endand as the H.O.H Elfster himself would say, Great Balls of Fire, You Are Gonna Love It!I received a free copy of this book from Ms Danann in exchange for an honest review. Highly suggest reading this series to anyone who will listen to me Victoria Dannan has created a fantastic world and stories within stories The story and characters make me feel like laughing, crying, celebrating, whatever they are doing, right along with them It means something when I have finished reading a book and still can't stop thinking about it As a matter of fact, I am about to start reading the entire series again from start to finish even though my TBR list is getting extremely long.Characters that have been introduced in previous installments are gettingattention and their own little stories are growing; which is great because it providespeople to love and cheer for It also creates a world that does not grow stale If you haven't started this series; stop whatever it is that you are doing and go grab the free electronic version of My Familiar Stranger and get started Reading in order is highly recommended or you may get lost and not get the full impact of the awesomeness Black Swan Saga just keeps getting better and better when you think she can't possibly top her last book she shows you just how wrong you were There is a lot going on in this book! As characters continue to grow and stories continue to expand and lives interweave and get so much richer you feel like such a part of the story you can not help but get emotional When little Helm makes faces I grin When husband and wife realize just how deep their love for one another is I cry happy tears When someone does something unexpected I gasp When I am reading one of Victoria's books I know I can count on being emotionally immersed in her amazing multidimensional world I also know she will surprize me at least once and will leave me panting and waiting for her next book I don't know where she will take me next but you better believe I will be waiting in line ticket in hand ready for the next adventure! It was just as AMAZING as I've come to expect from Victoria Danann Each installment of this series just gets better and pulls me deeper into the lives of B company But this story is about Stalkton Grey and what he has to do to save his pack It just so happens that he finds Love along the way, and what he does for that Love just left me breathless. Another great addition to the Series! Victoria, you've done it again! So much happened in this book! you just have to read it! Especially if you've already read the other three books to this series Glad to see that Stalkson Grey hasthan a sour attitude! All he needed was someone to bring it out Enjoy your read :) Victoria Danann has done it again, Moonlight, this new addition to the Black Swan Series is AMAZING!! This series definately has to be read in order, so if you are think about buying Moonlight and you haven't read the first three books I suggest picking them up at the same time so that you can be a part of this amazing story just like the rest of us One of my favorite part of Victoria's books is that all of the characters from previous books are a part of the new books but we keep learningandand seeing the lives of these characters unfold in addition to learning about a whole new set of characters I don't want to go into detail and give away spoiler but if you pass up this series then are definately missing out on an exciting series in the paranormal romance genre :) Happy Reading!!