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Original Cover Edition Can Be Found ASIN BOLBDKDie Andere Seite Der Nora Roberts Gef Hrlich, Rasant, Romantisch In Einem New Yorker Luxushotel Wird Ein Zimmerm Dchen Brutal Ermordet Unter Verdacht Der Profikiller Yost Doch Wer Heuert Einen Killer F R Eine Harmlose Angestellte An Der Tatort Die SuiteIm Luxuri Sen Palace Hotel In New York City Das Mordopfer Darlene French, Ein Zimmerm Dchen Die Tatwaffe Ein D Nner Silberdraht Der Tatverd Chtige Sylvester Yost, Ein Profikiller Sein Markenzeichen Er H Rt Musik, Wenn Er Mordet Die Ermittlerin Lieutenant Eve Dallas Und IhrFallDerFall F R Lieutnant Eve Dallas Und Ihr Packendster Another excellent episode in J.D Robb s In Death series All our favourite characters are there, Roarke and Eve are central stage as Roarke looks after staging a multi million dollar auction Their relationship is growing even stronger as they work through issues together while Peabody and McNab are having a bumpy patch in their relationship An old friend of Roarke s from his early days i Betrayal is common for men with no conscience Toba BetaIn this series the book s theme is there in the title and you are able to connect to this in the first few chapters.In this case, it was a bit different as till the end of the book I could not understand the reason of the title being Betrayal in Death but then near to the end it all just clicks.Generally there is a murder, investigation and search for the killer In this case the killer is known and it is a hunt for this known murderer I enjoyed the way the killer was tracked and the traps that were laid to get to him.The motive is something that is obscure They stole my candy again I taped it on the back of my AutoChef Two bars of the real stuff They tagged it I m going to catch them sooner or later and peel the skin off their face Slowly That s right, the candy bar thief is still at large Who cares that there is a contract hit man beating, raping, and killing people who are attached to Roarke when this candy thief is still at large Priorities, people I need to know whodunnit now I know I m not totally missing the point either The good news is that Roarke and Eve get along much better in this book than in the last She even gasp tries to be supportive of him Shocking, isn t it And, she even hassles him a lot less when he butts into her police business Which is a good idea since Roarke seems to be a better detective than all of her squad put together Seriously, how did these people get these jobs They wouldn t be able to catch a Pidgie with an overabundance of Pokeballs Lame I got a Jigglypuff the other night Better than my wedding nightThe bad news is that there is trouble in the Peabody M I jumped from book one to 12 as originally I couldn t borrow the earlier ones from my library and after reading book one I simply had to have of Eve and Roarke I really enjoyed this one I love the police procedural angle that runs throughout these character driven stories and the romance totally hits the spot for me Also enjoyed my first introduction to Peabody and McNabb Now I am happily returning to book 2 library came through for me.I highly recommend these t Of course I love this series This book, although great by any other author s standards, fell a bit short by this author s It kind of felt like the murderer was not developed enough, and Roarke s childhood friend didn t quite come out real Why would he freely tell stories about their misdeeds as youths in front of Roarke s business associates Summerset got time on the stage, so that was cool, but the F B I jerks were a bit much Eve handed the bust over to them too easily Agent Stowe was not just useless but counterproductive and she still got the glory She didn t deserve it Also, I kind of felt like the fight between McNab and Peabody was forced I know her relationship with Charles had to come to an end, but maybe a little smoother I don t know, who am I to question the Great Nora Reread July 2018 S It s Eve and Roarke You cannot go too far wrong with these two She turned toward Roarke s office, then stopped in the doorway He was at his console captain of his ship He d drawn his hair back so it lay on his neck in a short, gleaming black tail His eyes were cool, cool blue The colour they were when his mind was fully occupied He d taken off his dinner jacket, his shirt was loose at the collar, the sleeves rolled up There was something just something about that look that always and forever grabbed her in the gut She could look at him for hours, and at the end of it, still marvel that he belonged to her Someone wants to hurt you, she thought I m not going to let them Seemed to take me forever to read this one but Christmas was busy and I was traveling I am definitely not tiring of this couple Maybe not enough one on one time with them Love the secondary characters, Feeney, Peabody, McNab, Mavis Worrying about me won t help you get your job done Who says I m worried He stayed where he was simply held out his hand.She crossed to him, took it, gripped hard When I met you, she said carefully, I didn t want you in my life You were one big complication Every time I looked at you, or heard your voice, or so much as thought about you, the complication got bigger And now Now You are my life She gave his hand one last squeeze, then released Okay, enough mushy stuff Olympus You know I love my badass jerky alphas Roarke is an alpha but he is not an asshole The opposite in fact Funny how you can love a series but then need a break from it and then sadly forget about it for a little while Good thing once you pick it back up, it doesn t take you long to forget why you loved it so much in the first place This was another fabulous read and tot Another fabulous page turner from this amazing author How does she do it is a constantly recurring question Maybe like Eve she never sleeps.Anyway she keeps turning out very, very readable books and I keep reading them This is number 12 in the series and by now we know our characters really well Robb has great skill in being able to develop her characters by show, not tell, and they are all large as life and twice as much fun She is also very talented at drawing relationships and as usual our main characters bicker and fight, joke and relate and generally get on with their lives As usual there are laugh aloud moments, quite a lot of sex, a cheating cat and a candy thief All very familiar by now and all things we rely on being there Of course there is also a crime to be solved and this one causes some very brutal moments but also a lot of excellent police work Eve is at the to Good but Not the best in the series by far The bad guys were a bit predictable and although I would.like to believe that my investigative skills are the ones that helped me predict them, I have to admit that they were just obvious Still, I don t think I will ever not like a book in this series