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In winter s deepest dark, a bonfire burned, a full moon shone, wolves howled and a strange storm raged In the Woody Deep, as the people waited for the sun s return, a legend, long in slumber, wokeAnd Byron Thorn is twelve at last his great day, his Misrule s Day, has come But for Byron Thorn, Misrule Day is far than a day without rules Even his finest prank can t satisfy his adventurous heart Even his signature caper can t measure up to his lofty standards, to the high expectations Byron has of his talents and his cleverness What Byron needs is a quest of epic proportionsWhich is exactly what he getsMisrule magic, Midwinter s magic Byron Thorn s twelfth birthday is no ordinary day The western wolves are howling and the animals have broken their winter sleep The centaur Ravinath and his sinister followers are uneasy and the king s Chief at Arms is keeping watch on the Fencewood The sign of an ancient prophecy suddenly appears, and before his Misrule s Day is over, Byron Thorn will be running for his lifeSo begins the quest that will lead him into friendship and danger, down dark tunnels and up windy heights, to wake a sleeping kingdom and find a forgotten king It s a world where humans live side by side with satyrs and centaurs, dwarves and dryads, giants and griffins and wolves Together with his companions, Byron must find his way through one wild adventure after another to the lands beyond the mountains, helped by unexpected allies, harrowed by unrelenting enemies and guided by the clarion call of Silverlance Fun epic YA fantasy Very action packed for the supposed first book in a series, it leaves little else to happen in future installments the exception being traveling through a swamp with weird glowing lights, but that will probably end up in the next book Sort of cliche, but still interesting.