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SPECIAL FORCES, DEADLY FORCES Recruited for a top secret mission, elite sniper Sergeant Cara Hanson is determined to prove herself as a female sharpshooter to her commanding officer But when the assignment goes horribly wrong, Captain Dean McGovern takes their team into hiding in a remote Wyoming cabin Both fiercely protective, Cara and Dean work overtime to figure out who s leaving notes and taking shots at them Cara tries hard to resist the than professional feelings she s developing for Dean and when their lives are on the line, it ll take the soldier in her to keep them both alive This book would make the perfect cheesy Hallmark movie I like cheesy Hallmark movies No thinking, just sappy story lines Not as exciting to read as it might have been as a movie. This was included in a bundle I read for another story The religion was worked into the story with clues in the form of bible verses The hero grows from not trusting a female in the military to understanding they work well as a team I wouldn t go out of my way for another book by the author christian romance isn t my usual choice , but for people who like the genre, I think this author would be a winner. You will enjoy this book, especially if you like to read military romance novels.