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great book that displays the adjustments of newlyweds and the lessons learned by trial and error Josey learns that keeping secrets in a marriage is the wrong thing to do Men aren t perceptive enough to see the obvious signs of pregnancy even in their own wife especially when a new and a new county are involved in the mix But through it all the lord love us unconditionally and is there for us even when the world is turning inside out. I enjoyed this three book series A Minnesota girl in Russia, first Moscow and then gasp Siberia I liked all of the characters, although I got aggravated at times with the main character, Josey But it all worked out in the end This was a fun chick lit read, though with underdeveloped supporting characters and somewhat predictable plot This new bride is striving to be the Proverbs 31 wife, even when a sudden job change moves them to Russia She wants to support her husband so much that she doesn t want to tell him when she finds out that she is pregnant the day before they leave The actual storytelling might leave something to desire, but the resolution packed a spiritual punch that I needed. I generally love Susan May Warren books, and this was no exception However, I had a really hard time with the first few chapters it seemed hard to get into Once I did, though, I could hardly put it down This is a sequel to Everything s Coming Up Josey and I would recommend reading that first. Josey Anderson will be the perfect wife She and Chase did have the perfect wedding if you don t count the matron of honor going into labor Now all she has to do is find a cute Cape style house, report for the Gull Lake, Minnesota, paper, bake cookies and learn to sew is that so difficult But when Chase lands a new job in Moscow Josey s dreams disintegrate After all, she s been there, done that as a missionary, and a city without year round hot water, decent takeout ormaternity clothes that s not perfection But what s the perfect wife to do This was a funny book but has some great life lessons in it How to trust God and we are not perfect but he loves us anyway. I actually loved this series that I had to have the local library purchased them for others to read. Book 2 of 3 Great Love Susan May Warren I love this author and she does not disapoint.I get so excited over a book written by her this one was no exception Its great from the first to the last. Not quite as funny or heartwarming as the first one but I still enjoyed the humor and the way Warren can bring Russia to life as if I was there again An enjoyable read.