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Fall in love with the complete Aisle Bound series by Christi Barth Planning for Love Book One of Aisle Bound Wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is the best in the business, and she s not the sort to let a personal problem stop her from getting ahead So when she s asked to star in a reality TV show, it doesn t matter that the show s videographer happens to be a recent and heartbreaking one night stand Right A Fine Romance Book Two of Aisle Bound Opening a romance store is supposed to be the perfect start to Mira Parrish s new life Her friend Ivy is depending on her, and Mira can t afford to let her down But Sam Lyons, the bakery owner next door, proves an annoying yet irresistible attraction Sam can t resist antagonizing Mira There s something about the sexy, straight laced woman that drives him crazy But if there s going to be anything permanent between them, they ll each need to let go of their pasts and look to the future Friends to Lovers Book Three of Aisle Bound As florist and co owner of a successful Chicago wedding planning business, Daphne Lovell has been there for the happiest days of other people s lives As for her own life Well, it s hard to be perfectly happy when you re carrying a torch for your sexy, womanizing and oblivious best friend So when the lights go out on New Year s Eve, she seizes the opportunity to kiss him senseless A Matchless Romance Book Four of Aisle Bound Tabitha Bell is the face of Chicago s premier matchmaking service At least, she hopes it will be someday, once business really takes off What she needs is clients, so when she meets a sexy gamer in need of help, it s the perfect opportunity But will she succumb to his sweet but nerdy charm offensive or will it be game over before they even start

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    If you re looking for straight up romance with sizzling sexual tension then this is the series for you Christi Barth writes great characters with great chemistry and the crew connected to Aisle Bound is no exception I think Gib and Daphne are my favorite couple, but Drew may be my favorite character You ll have to read the books to find out why.