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Now the world s largest participatory art and science project, the Crochet Coral Reef combines mathematics, marine biology, environmental consciousness raising and community art practice More thatpeople around the world have helped to make these gorgeous woolen seascapes, which have been exhibited at the Hayward Gallery, the Smithsonian, and many other venues This lavishly illustrated book, written by the project s creators Margaret and Christine Wertheim brings together all the scientific content behind the project, along with essays about the artistic and cultural relevance of this unique experiment in radical craft practice The book serves as a record of all the Crochet Reefs worldwide and names allcontributors in a specially designed section that constitutes an artwork in itself

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  1. Maria Longley Maria Longley says:

    The Crochet Coral Reef is an incredible project that is an embodiment of so much from community to maths to marine biology to the private public spheres of society Margaret and Christine Wertheim started crocheting corals and this reef project spread and grew much like real reefs do slowly and surprisingly This book has gorgeous pictures of the global coral reefs and essays about the genesis of the project and some other musings along the way There are some interesting explorations of the dichotomy of science and art that prevails in some thinking as well as a primer of geometry from Euclidean space to hyperbolic space and how mathematician Dr Dania Taimina used crochet in 1997 to create tangible model to talk about hyperbolic forms The community engagement aspect of this project is impressive and the book is in part self published so that the Institute for Figuring can name some 7000 participants in the credits and it not be deemed a waste of paper by the publishers I can t remember when I first heard about the crocheted coral reef but it was years ago I even talked about it at a job interview once years ago It was really interesting to read about the project and its variations, and to see pictures of so many cool crocheted corals.

  2. Marg Corjay Marg Corjay says:

    This book is totally amazing The pictures are inspiring, the text straightforward enough for a non scientist to understand, and the inspiration is motivating The philosophy behind the Project is something that needs to be embraced to bring awareness to the plight of our delicate ecosystem The idea of complex mathematical principles being utilized by silly women wasting their time playing with string validates the craft in the serious art and science world As I am currently working on my own Reef Project for display in a public library, this book has brought so much inspiration, validation, and motivation.

  3. Kitri Miller Kitri Miller says:

    Don t think about buying this book if you want patterns for any of these projects It is of an art book, on who, how and why this project happened in the first place If you want patterns for this sort of thing, go to Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes by Daina Taimina Her work is what inspired the project in the first place, and her work includes patterns For what it is though, this is still a fabulous book It s pretty and involves a lot of information, and it is an example of fiber arts as a form of protest change in the world.

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    Very interesting read on the Crochet Coral Reef project Provides a lot of background not only on the art exhibition project, but also on other topics such as marine biology, mathematics, science, and feminism.

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    I really like this book I had come across the idea of the crocheted reef when I was discovering hyperbolic crochet I like the maths of it and that a crocheted shape is best way to demonstrate hyperbolic shapes This book brings together conservation, craft, art, maths, feminism and much as well as demonstrating a large scale and distributed craftivism project There are lovely photographs of the different reefs, combined with stories of the different contributors and creators They are all named in the book, and so a chunk of it is taken up with acknowledgements This is brilliant as is highlights that these are not anonymous contributors although some choose to be anonymous , but people with names and diverse geographies This long acknowledgment added to the value of this publication.To quote from this book p131 In The tempest, Shakespeare proposes the sea as the site of transformation and renewal Full fathom five they father liesOf his bones are coral made Those are pearls that were his eyes Nothing of him that doth fade,But doth suffer a sea changeInto something rich and strange Pulling in different directions, the Crochet Coral Reef points us towards mathematics, towards a consideration of collaboration, towards eco consciousness and action Most of all, the work draws us into the space of looking carefully, with a sense of wonder, at the infinitely varied forms and their combinations It is a wonderful, challenging book to read, with many photographs illustrating the reefs.

  6. Laura Laura says:

    I love this book Much of the information and pictures are available on the internet I love having it together in a book for closer reading Seeing the book s pictures are a good reminder that I view both text and pictures on the internet in a superficial way While the internet is a wonderful tool much of my engaging with online text is less than satisfying, even when I love the topic and continuously return to it.