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The Waldorf school movement has it roots in the chaotic period following the First World War Struggling to create the first school as a vehicle for social transformation, Rudolf Steiner gave his attention to every detail lesson plans, religious education, school hours, course resources, administration, finance, child study These two volumes span the yearstoand cover, meeting by meeting, the development of the first Waldorf School His sleeves rolled up and his sight on a vision that he made a reality, Rudolf Steiner lays the foundations of Waldorf education Here is Rudolf Steiner, not through the written word or lectures but in transcribed interaction that details the creation process with all of its problems, frustrations, successes, and failures This detailed book, behind the scenes, will interest not only teachers, but also anyone who wants to understand the day to day events of launching a worldwide school movementWith this volume we move into the fourth year of the school A solemn mood prevailed as tensions among teachers arose In the fifth year the mood lifted, and the additions of the twelfth grade brought the task of dealing with state requirements, such as final exams The sixth year, the last covered in these volumes, saw the creation of the thirteenth grade, compromises with the state, and encouragement for the teachers to deepen their understanding of the children and the curriculum