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Get all the expert advice, straight from the source Find out how to have life changing power and presence from bestselling authors and experts Amy Cuddy and Caroline Webb Presence is something we all have, but it s not something we all have ready access to It comes from believing in ourselves and trusting ourselves It comes from assigning value to our feelings, values, and abilities Other people notice it when we have it whether we re having dinner with friends, going on a first date, interviewing for a job, pitching a product, negotiating a raise, or speaking in front of a group of thousands When we can speak up in a way that is authentic and poised, we have presence Presence, in all of these situations, is power About Daniel Glick Daniel Glick is an award winning journalist and a successful life and habits coach His goal in the Experts Take series is to provide quick, to the point, actionable takeaways from the bestselling books of the leading experts on a given topic His guides are the fastest, most accessible overviews available, and he invites you to try just one you ll soon be hooked

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