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E Pluribus, Omnibus From many, for all The first four volumes of the Tarnished Sterling Series collected into a single volume, including three novels, two novellas and six short stories, Gruefieldis the perfect way to catch up with the series Shadowboy Travis Colfax was born into the Hero life His parents were pillars of the community, and he became a sidekick at the age of nine He is the only member of the family to not manifest a power His sister has extraordinary speed His brother can talk to the dead Seven years in, he s starting to have his doubts about continuing a career in Heroics Plagued by his own failures, he s giving serious thought to simply hanging up the mask for good and moving on If only he knew what he wanted to do with his life The rest of the Hero community grows distracted by an alien threat and they overlook a far human danger lurking in New Port Arthur A few missing Gang members and a rambling madman leads Travis to stumble upon a calculating, lethal scientist whose plans have so far eluded the notice of the authorities, despite a trail of corpses left behind As the trajectory of Doctor Omicron s plan unravels, Travis discovers he must find himself and muster what help he can before the amoral researcher unleashes an even greater danger on an unsuspecting world Shadowdemon Remaining in the Hero life had been a difficult decision for Travis Colfax He s managed, so far, to juggle the demands of his team with the usual daily stress His inner demons, however, are becoming vocal Struggling to catch the remaining Morlocks in New Port Arthur is difficult enough, but the ill wind blowing in threatens to grow into a maelstrom of problems Travis brother s return from the West Coast is initially a cause for celebration, though he speaks of corruption within the hero community Someone is setting off bombs in the city creating chaos And something dark starts to conduct swift and brutal attacks on the team in the dead of night, the strain on Travis begins to unravel his poise Then there is the one last question What is Firegod Shadowrealm There are things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in science, and sometimes they walk For millennia these malevolent spirits roamed the earth, leaving destruction in their wake Five centuries ago the last was imprisoned Now, a mysterious force, the Red Death, is unleashing them Freed from their chains, the vengeful spirits rampage across the countryside, afflicting the world once As they draw ever closer to Rockstead Peniteniary, a prison for powered criminals, Travis Colfax finds himself desperate to stop their advance To do so, he must solve the mystery of the Red Death, seeking help in places he never expected Omnirunner Dan Fullbright was a lousy hero In fact, he d pretty much abandoned the life and spent his days below the radar, doing odd jobs and the occasional petty theft The job Evelyn brought him looked simple enough make it look like a man wasn t dead just yet The way Dan s day had been going, it was anything but simple Lucid Blue Four juvenile delinquents attempt to get their lives back in order and avoid jail through the Community Fund s Junior Redemptioner program All the while a new drug is making its way to the streets, one that gives people temporary powers Dirge of Carcosa How would you like to go to Mars Rex Holdt asked It was an offer Travis couldn t turn down Of course, with all things the Fund Board gave, it came with a catch And