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Summer Lovin’Summer vacation is drawing to an end and the Creativ Cluv is determined to make the most of it… which means going on a picnic and testing Ohki’s flying device! While the elfgirl Kazamori just wants to focus on making happy memories with everyone, her friends try and push her and Ohki together Kazamori says there’s nothing between them, but does Ohki feel the same way…?

10 thoughts on “スピーシーズドメイン 5

  1. Doc Doc says:

    The series might have reached a bit of a climax as we continue to meet new characters in each of the Creatic Cluv's members as well as a return of some characters from previous chapters. Those of us continuing to read this series have our favorite want to be couples and although there is progress in some possible relationships but only time will tell what will happen as this romantic comedy about specie relations continues on. :)

    Hanei's childhood friend Misora is coming to visit to meet her other friends giving us insight into Hanei's past thanks to her experiences with Ohki's inventions. The group gets to meet Dowa's parents and she takes a stand against her father. Mikasagi invites the guys to a good old fashioned slugfest (while the girls have their own night out) but comes down with a nasty bug in the next story. Finally there is a festival going on and a meteorite is supposed to be coming close to Earth so everyone can see it. Otona-Mori also shows up to meet the others for a surprise as the meteorite seems to be getting too close to Earth. Be sure to read about all of these scenes as the world of Species Domain opens up once more to us in its own goofy way. :)

    Fave part of the book would have to be how the world was saved (yes that happens)but I can't say much less spoilage seeps into the review but seeing Ohki and Kazamori working together was fairly awesome. :)