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Reality Is BrokenAt First, It Looks Like A Disease An Epidemic That Spreads Through No Known Means, Driving Its Victims Mad With Memories Of A Life They Never Lived But The Force That S Sweeping The World Is No Pathogen It S Just The First Shock Wave, Unleashed By A Stunning Discovery And What S In Jeopardy Is Not Our Minds But The Very Fabric Of Time ItselfIn New York City, Detective Barry Sutton Is Closing In On The Truth And In A Remote Laboratory, Neuroscientist Helena Smith Is Unaware That She Alone Holds The Key To This Mystery And The Tools For Fighting BackTogether, Barry And Helena Will Have To Confront Their Enemy Before They, And The World, Are Trapped In A Loop Of Ever Growing Chaos CONGRATULATIONS Goodreads Choice Awards Science Fiction WinnerEverything will look better in the morning There will be hope again when the light returns The despair is only an illusion, a trick the darkness plays I m convinced that Blake Crouch is THE science fiction fantasy author of our time You know, the one that readers pre order their books without reading the description, the one that 50 years from now people are still talking about, dissecting his plot points and their dual meanings Yeah, that s Crouch If you don t agree, then that s ok, I ll respect your opinion But also, FIGHT ME. While I ve enjoyed all of the author s novels to date, Dark Matter is the one that sealed the deal in making me a life long fan But also Desert Places Recursion is another worthy entry in Crouch s SFF productions, and one that felt reminiscent of Dark Matter, which made me a very happy Chelsea Yes, the plot is unique in it s own way, but it still gave off those complex vibes that are a cross between exciting, high concept thriller and deep, emotional family dramaHow would I know if one had changed What would it feel likeThe premise of this novel is simple What would happen if the memories contained inside your mind had never occurred I m not entirely sure how the author devised the plot for this book, but I imagine it stemmed from a simple question, not altogether different from the one presented above Once you ve read the book, it s easy to see how an entire novel could spring from such an innocent thought It s clear that Crouch has a way with writing sagas that pull the heartstrings, because all of his ideas that evolve into stories are a delicate balance of intellectually stimulating action and moving, emotional love mingled with loss The kicker is that the author knows how to write a science fiction that seems so dangerously close to reality, you find yourself turning the last page, shaking your head and chuckling because that could NEVER happen, but secretly wondering if it possibly could If you enjoyed Dark Matter and its extraordinary premise, you ll likely fall head over heels for Recursion as well A few of the same concepts are used in both novels, but each of these books are truly a labor of love in their own, unique way Once again, I have found myself floored at how a person s mind could concoct such a brilliant scheme, and I m looking forward to finding out where Crouch chooses to take us nextMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. me finishes reading any book by Blake Crouch me what the fuck..me at dinner what the fuck me trying to sleep what the fuck.me in the bathroom what the fuck.me breathing w hAt THe F uCK Congratulations for winning of best sci fi category from goodreads choice awards 2020 This is one of my favorite books of the year Five OMG I m suffering from brain cells bleeding and explosion of my last standing grey cells, what the hell I just read and who am I stars I know the drill but let me rephrase one time This is not an easy, soft, sunshine and rainbows reading In my opinion people who are brave enough to dive into this journey should put themselves an IQ test and discover their cognitive skills luckily I read the quantum physics for dummies before the beginning but I feel like I can be great cast for future dumb and dumber movie if they will ever produce the third installment So this book is amazing combination of time traveling, alternated lifetimes, Minority Reports meet Groundhog Day versus Black Mirror and Back to the Future kinda fascinating science fiction crashes into thriller and romance starting with an effective and memorable suicide attempt scene A woman suffers from FMS false memory syndrome who thinks her child was being erased, her husband denied her existence so there was nothing better than jump and end her life But she had small hope in her heart, her husband could come to rescue her but when he didn t show up, she didn t want to fight any and Yes, this book starts with jaw dropping scene and you re hooked It s addictive, unputdownable, nerve damaging, exhausting ride You wanna know what s going to happen and think about yourself if I had a chance to save my loved ones by turning back and making my wrongs turn into rights, what would happen Saving her daughter from the traffic accident, curing your mother s Alzheimer disease, prevention of school shooting , saving soldiers from the terrorist attacks are just the samples writer show as in alternative realities that have possible to be changed The difference of Recursion from Dark Matter might be romance parts because I really enjoyed Barry and Helena s love story Not only they fought to bring universe into the right pattern but also they fought to get back together to be each other s final word, everlasting love, end game This was thrilling, mind bending, provoking book Dark Matters is going to be Netflix series and I m already sure that as a brain numbing project, this book finds its place at big screen on near future Highly recommended, smart, different, unique and exquisite book but not for everyone bloginstagramfacebooktwitter Creative Though provoking Emotionally charged Memorable.Whether you re a reader that frequents the sci fi genre, or one that only occasionally takes a risk when it comes to the suspension of disbelief hello, that s me, recognizing and appreciating the level of creativity behind Blake Crouch s work takes little effort Time and again, Crouch has proven just how rewarding it can be to take a chance on something different Something totally outside of my typical With Dark Matter one of my all time favorite books and now Recursion, Crouch presents readers with a mind bending reality While each book provides its own unique and fully immersive journey, they share the provocation of deep thought and emotion on the part of the reader.Fair or not, my feelings for Dark Matter sent me into Recursion with the highest of hopes Hopes that I thought were going to be shattered early on when focusing felt undoable A science guru I am not Wrapping my head around what these characters were trying to achieve with memory recalibration, while simultaneously trying to foreshadow how Crouch would tie the two timelines together, felt taxing on my brain So much so, I had to take a breath for a few days Following that brief timeout, I did would I should have from the beginning Instead of trying to make sense of it all way too early on I handed the reins back to Crouch and put my faith in his ability to tell an unforgettable story And sure enough, along the same vein as Dark Matter, there was no walking away unscathed or unmoved by his words or these characters.The first tease of the storylines converging was all it took for the pitter patter of this idealistic heart of mine to speed up And wouldn t you know, the two characters in question not only managed to steal my heart, but to hold it captive for the entirety of the remaining pages It was with hope, fear, and bated breath that this lover of love watched the couple s pilgrimage play out There s something to be said for Crouch s ability to relay a love story of this caliber within such an intricate and science based thriller There are romance authors out there who fail to pull off such an unwavering love one that transcends several iterations, at thatMy soul knows your soul In any timeFrom the very beginning to beyond the final words, Crouch s exploration of memory, and what it would mean to have the ability to go back and undo those moments that tether our pain, proves to be than just imaginative fiction Life with a cheat code isn t life Our existence isn t something to be engineered or optimized for the avoidance of pain.That s what it is to be human the beauty and the pain, each meaningless without the other.Thanks to my bookbestie Haley for sending me a gorgeous ARC and for ensuring that I didn t miss out on this mighty piece of fiction Ticking away the moments that make up a dull dayFritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home townWaiting for someone or something to show you the way.Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.Pink Floyd TimeI am just going to say it Blake Crouch is the King of Modern Speculative Science Fiction Here is your crown, Your Majesty We are not worthy Imagine trying to follow up Dark Matter with something just as unique and mind blowing I think I probably would have just stopped there if I had written it The apex would have been reached There is no way I could have topped it Even trying would probably have fallen flat feeling like I just could not have done any better.To which Emperor Crouch says, HOLD MY BEER Recursion is just as mind blowingly unique as Dark Matter And, much like Dark Matter I cannot say too much about why it is awesome and mind blowing without ruining it So, I will give you an idea of in what way it blew my mind by comparing to a scene from an episode of Black Mirror This comparison will not spoil Recursion, but it will spoil Black Mirror, so I will put it in a spoiler tag If you have watched all Black Mirror episodes or don t care about spoilers, you can click it without concern.So, my mind was blown in the same way as view spoiler the episode where they are trying to get the guy to give details about a crime by interrogating a duplicate version of his consciousness that thinks it is the real him At the end of the episode, they turn on a Christmas song and leave him locked in a kitchen listening to the song over and over In the real world they just decide to leave him locked in as a form of torture over the weekend But, to the trapped consciousness it will feel like billions of years not being able to eat, sleep, or stop listening to the same Christmas song over and over hide spoiler FIVE MIND BENDING STARSBook readers tend to throw around words like addictive and unputdownable But, I m dead serious about those words And guys, I m here to tell you, I read RECURSION straight through dinner last night until I finished at three am this morning What an intelligent and freakin addictive thriller The first half sets up the rest of the book and it is crucial to read carefully and try to understand the very simple quantum physics necessary to travel around in time LOL I finally thought I had the timelines straight in my mind without the use of a giant white board I wanted to keep it straight, so I read And read And cried And marveled And cried again And closed the Kindle And kept thinking and marveling and sighing Who doesn t want a do over in life Personally, I don t trust anyone that says they live with no regrets Even if you consider yourself a perfect specimen, I guarantee you have deeply hurt someone s feelings or perhaps grieved the loss of a loved one If those aren t regrets, then you may be a sociopath.What if you could go back through your memories and fix them Change events in order to protect children, countries, civilizations This is the question RECURSION poses to the reader As wonderful an idea as this is, there are, of course, consequences to changing history Blake Crouch turns his incredible imagination loose in his latest thriller and your mind will be racing trying to keep up him.RECURSION is set in 2007 and 2018, this isn t futuristic Helene, our genius scientist, works to discover a cure for Alzheimer s and you will find yourself constantly wondering if this memory recapture business is actually a real thing now IT IS READ THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IN THE BACK I love sci fi that reads like it could be factual I love sci fi with colorful, endearing characters I love sci fi with the entire world s future at stake and these two characters must save us I love sci fi when those two characters carry on an epic love story to end all love stories I love RECURSION I think I love it than Dark Matter And I never thought I would say that Hey, all you influential readers this is still available on NetGalley Grab it before it is too late NETFLIX already bought the movie rights and it is gonna be HUGE Many thanks to the publisher and the author for allowing me to read and review the advanced copy of RECURSION All opinions are mine. Recursion has become the first sci fi standalone to be included in my favorite shelves.As many readers probably did, my first experience with reading Crouch s work was for Dark Matter I was super impressed by it and after hearing that the author has a new sci fi thriller that s highly recommended for readers who loved Dark Matter gave me so much joy it would be insane for me to not take a look at Recursion Do note that taking a look at Crouch s novel can be surmised as reading the novel non stop until completion This book was undoubtedly exceptional it was so good that it made Dark Matter which I loved and rated 4.5 5 stars felt like a practice novel so that Crouch has the skill to unleash the full capacity of his brain towards the creation of this cleverly crafted insanity.Two central characters drive the plot The first main character is Barry Sutton, a cop that s investigating the mysterious phenomenon dubbed as False Memory Syndrome FMS a phenomenon that drives its victims insane with false memories of a life they never lived The other main character, Helena Smith, is a neuroscientist that understands the importance of memory she decides to dedicate her life to create a technology that could preserve any moment of the recipient s memories This is pretty much all I can say regarding the general premise Reviewing Crouch s book is not an easy task there s a huge limitation on how much of the plot I can talk about unless I risk spoiling something and I don t want that To avoid spoilers, I will say this Recursion is a sci fi thriller about memories and how precious they are in defining humanity and their sense of identity Imbued inside this resonating theme was an addictive story about love, loss, ambition, redemption, and lifeLife is nothing how he expected it would be when he was young and living under the delusion that things could be controlled Nothing can be controlled Only enduredWhen I started this book, I knew I would be thoroughly engaged by it and Crouch exceeded my high expectations brilliantly Crouch outstandingly proved that he s super capable of writing a fast paced story that doesn t neglect crucial characterizations Dark Matter was thought provoking and this book held similar philosophical discussions about life and choices but honestly speaking, Recursion resonated with me because I believe that Crouch has improved as an author his prose was extremely well polished and the characters were fleshed out I truly didn t expect this novel to be this evocative and large scale There were moments where I felt genuinely sad, terrified, and heart warmed by what the characters went through The poignant thought provoking passages made me reflect on life the gradual increase in stakes and scope that eventually became destructive and global as the story progressed fully stole my attention cover to cover I ve been having difficulties in my life, it s almost as if this book appeared at the right timing to brighten my mood by teaching me how to think better moving forward I m truly grateful for itLife with a cheat code isn t life Our existence isn t something to be engineered or optimized for the avoidance of pain That s what it is to be human the beauty and the pain, each meaningless without the otherRecursion was relentlessly thrilling, unpredictable, and mind blowing Crouch s narrative was utterly unputdownable, the harrowing events displayed were enormously impactful, and I absolutely loved every moment of reading this vivid magnificence I can vouch with certainty that Recursion broke a new milestone for me by becoming the first sci fi standalone to be included in my favorites shelves with a full 5 5 stars rating Read this breathtaking novel as soon as you can Trust me, you won t regret it Sidenote I heard Recursion is currently being planned for TV series adaptation by Netflix and I m so excited for it You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions UPDATE IT S OUT Go read it so we can all gush about it 4.5 As always, Crouch knows how to keep you on your toes and does a great job at mixing thriller and sci fi genre.A mysterious disease starts affecting people s memory, giving them memories of a life they never lived NYPD detective Barry Sutton is trying to investigated how the False Memory Syndrome is spreading and ultimately will come to face Helena Smith a neuroscientist who invented a device that s changing the world.Recursion will make you question time, memory and life.While the characters and dialogues didn t grab me from the start, I grew to care about them and their story and By the end, I couldn t put the book down The story also became a lot darker than I expected which I loved and the concepts mentioned were fascinating.If you ve enjoyed Dark Matter by him, I recommend you pick up this one.Can t wait to see the Netflix adaptation I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Blake Crouch s latest science fiction thriller is a complex mind messing of a thought provoking read It is intense, time shifting and asks profound questions of identity, memory, and what it is that makes us human Just be prepared to find yourself buffeted all over the place I understand that the novel is going to be filmed, and I am not surprised by this, this is a twisted story that just fizzes with energy and vitality NYPD police officer Barry Sutton tries but fails to prevent a woman leaping off a skyscraper Despairing and distraught, she spoke of false memory syndrome FMS with their vibrant and visceral memories and how her son has been erased, but he had never existed Is FMS a contagion A deeply troubled Barry, with his own past traumas, sets out on a journey to investigate.Helena Smith is a brilliant neuroscientist carry out cutting edge technology research on memories A well intentioned woman, her mother is suffering from Alzheimer s disease, which drives Helena s ambition and work on a memory chair, where she can record memories and re implant them Her project receives a huge boost when a rich philanthropist injects it with the necessary financial resources, but does he have a darker hidden agenda Barry and Helena drive the narrative until their paths connect What are the repercussions of having our memories manipulated and replaced Is it a worthy desire to replace our painful memories How does this impact our sense of who we are Crouch writes a hard hitting, insane, ground shaking thriller, well constructed, full of tension and suspense, that rockets around all over the place with it s ideas and concepts It certainly holds the reader s attention with ease, although I admit to enjoying Dark Matter , there are times when this feels slightly clunky on occasions Strap yourself in for one hell of a thrill ride, movingly touching on some crucial issues, with its overt agenda of making you think Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC.