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Billionaire Blane Andrews has come to Melbourne to win back his wife He walked away from Cam, believing he wasn t good enough Now he s risen to the top, but he wants the one thing money can t buy.As Blane romances her, Cam realizes that the magic in their marriage never faded Yet she can t give Blane the baby he s always wanted This time she must say goodbye.But hold on to your dreams, Cam Miracles can happen, and Blane s penthouse might need a nursery after all.

10 thoughts on “The Billionaire's Baby

  1. Booklover Booklover says:

    LOVED IT Wonderful warm emotional second chance at love story,adored Blane Cam,though i was really angry when the reason for which Blane walked out but soon my anger melted away cause as the story progresses you can really feel Blane deeply loves Cam and from his POV if you see he is not totally wrong yet he just fell short of understanding one simple truth about marrriage When you enter into a marriage there s no mine or your its OURS Now after making himself rise and capable of Cam he wants to give their marriage a second chance,win Cam s love 7 trust back.Cam my heart went out to her she lost everything yet she did nt break down she followed her dreams and worked on making it come trueReally liked the way story develops Blane Cam decide to start again,embark on truly getting to know understand each other all over again,love is still there from both sides but this time Cam is backing out cause she does nt wants Blane to rob of his dream to have a big familyYet again after a small seperation Cam comes to her senses and we have the much awaited HEAOverall a wonderful read,enjoyed it from start till end,its a keeper for meRecommend it

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    Review from The Virtual Book CaseOne thing I am always interested in si a good happily ever after call me a sucker for someone else s love story since mine has not happened I have not net the guy that turns my mind to mush and makes me do the stupidest things by my parents standards.But in The Billionaire s Baby Cameryn met that guy at the age of 18 Cam was swept away by Blane to the point that three months later she marries him That was years ago Since he left, not long after their unplanned marriage Now she owns her own cafe and has no room for love, that is until Blane walks back into her life Now she has to tell him that she can not give him what he wants so they can not be together Or is she going to let love back into her heart and her one love back itno her life This question keeps me thinking about the book can you give up what you want to let them have their dreams come true

  3. Susan Susan says:

    The Billionaire s Baby begins on Valentine s Day and concludes a year later on the same occasion Cupid first struck his arrows into the hearts of Camryn and Blane some six years before Nicola Marsh successfully blends a Valentine s theme with a highly emotional read Camryn has experienced heartbreak at the hands of Blane, as well as an estrangement with her parents of her own doing The story opens with Camryn s determination to never be manipulated or stuck by Cupid s arrows ever again She is in control of her own destiny or so she thinks.Join Camryn and Blane as they embark on truly getting to know each other all over again This time around they both have the benefit of hindsight I dare you NOT to read this story and weep

  4. Tonya Warner Tonya Warner says:

    I m sorry, but if my husband of three months takes off for six years, I would not be jumping back in to his arms I think they were both idiots in this story.

  5. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Six years ago, eighteen year old Camryn Cam Henderson fell in love w Blaine Andrews Three months after they had eloped he walked away from her Blaine made no explanations for his walking away six years ago and now he wants to resume their marriage He hopes to explain to Cam why he walked away and that she will understand and they can pick up where they left off Blaine has so much to offer her now and he wants that HEA that he believes is waiting for them.I really wanted to love this second chance at love story but there were too many things that didn t work for me Honestly, I didn t care too much for his explanation of why he left six years before with no explanations However, since Cam wasn t too disturbed by it and she was overly melty w him I went w it There was an AWFUL lot going on in the story and not enough time devoted to any one aspect I needed things to come about in order to be drawn further into the story and yet they weren t Things seemed to be glossed over in order to tie up loose ends and that bothered me a lot It really irked me that Blaine claimed he doesn t play games and then he proceeds to do just that while realistic still irksome It also bothered me that Cam waffled so much w forgiving Blaine and finding a new reason to push him out of her life Yes, the next one is kind of like the shoe is now on his foot, but really it was or less her being overly dramatic I did like that for the most part Cam seemed to be spot on w her reading of people The name of the story implies that her whole other issue is really a non issue but Cam made it a HUGE issue and in fact claimed she couldn t Perhaps better consideration should be given when coming up w a title for a story view spoiler She says she had PID and the doctors claimed it would be difficult to conceive NOT that she was infertile But there is no explanation for how she even got pelvic inflammatory disease What also bothered me was Blaine claiming that he cared for Cam never mind that he knew nothing about her or her whereabouts for 6 years he didn t even ask those telling questions about PID I also wondered if Blaine had OW in the six years he was gone Apparently Cam didn t have OM, but he thought it was possible that she would be w someone Blaine tells Cam it had only ever been her What does that mean NO ONE ever asked if he had slept w anyone else and frankly I think he may have Heck even Cam has thoughts of him just passing through the city and looking up an ex GF The conversation w his sister makes it sound like there were OW for him, at least that is the impression that I get On another note seriously the kid s dad wasn t at the hospital That is awful Uncle could have watched the other kids and allowed the child s father to be there hide spoiler

  6. kye_sg kye_sg says:

    I really wanted to like this book but its really really no good Ms Marsh has gone overboard with the tug of war within Cam its way too much for me, from cover to cover Cam is indecisive and her mind is all about making out with Blane whole time she told herself to push him away.

  7. Usagi Tsukino Usagi Tsukino says:

    0 stars, actually, but whatever.Unbelievable.

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Loved it.

  9. Tizah Tizah says:

    simple and fun.