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Added to my wish list. I really enjoyed this Christmas story Josie and Ry are the expected opposites attract couple I love the addition of Viola and how she changes the dynamic Most importantly, I love the lessons learned What we think we want isn t always what we really want Home is where the heart is All those lovely cliches that make us keep reading sweet, clean romances. Philadelphia lawyer Ryland Lassiter is everything Josephine Wylie wants for a brother in law As the sole supporter of her family, Josie s plans for herself have always had to wait But Ryland will be ideal as the new head of the Wylie clanonce he finally realizes how perfect he is for Josie s sister.Ry knows it s time to settle down The newly appointed guardian to a friend s daughter, he s ready for a home and family All he needs is a brideand Josie s sister is not the Wylie who has caught his eye If only Josie would see the truth that the only Christmas present he needs is her love. I usually read only holiday books between Thanksgiving and Christmas This has been my practice for the last three years This year I chose to do a lot of baking instead But when my five month old poodle delivered this book into the living room I took it as a sign that perhaps I should get it read.Inspirational historical romance is not my usual genre However I have read enough Christian historical western romance novels to say that this book is very well done The writer presents the characters faith and practice in a very believable way without being dogmatic The themes of the book are family, personal fulfillment, and desire to know the whole world I truly liked these characters and would definitely read in the series.I did not purchase this book If I recall correctly, I received it as an author giveaway on the Pioneer Hearts Facebook page Thank you, Winnie Griggs Ry and Josie, and many of the residents of Knotty Pine, are people I would love to know in real life, and I hope there are books written about this community of people This book is a delightful story that will keep you interested throughout, with several interesting twists and turns, but it also has a deeper level It shows characters tackling the questions we all must confront at some point What is really most important to me What lifelong dreams are important to me How do my dreams fit into what God has planned for my life I m glad I read this over the holidays Ryland Lassiter, on his way to help an old friend, meets Jo Wylie, a woman who knows what she wants out of life which is to travel and see the world Ry, as he is known, saves Jo s life when she is out to save his And, while Jo knows what she wants, Ry is still trying to decide whether he wants to continue to being a Philadelphia lawyer or go back to his roots and raise horses, or maybe both in a small town Enters, Viola, the daughter of Ry s old friend who has died suddenly and left Ry as her guardian What is a man to do being torn apart by what Viola needs and what Jo, who he is attracted to wants A good Christmas story with great characters A little slow at times but with a very satisfying ending. Finally, another well written Christian romance I was so afraid that it was going to be neatly tied up in implausibly convenient bows, but it stayed just barely on the side of reality I won t deny it was pretty convenient and there were some unexplained changes, but all in all this was an enjoyable book The emphasis on family was quite lovely. I don t know why this didn t grab me love the author, the setting was well done, the characters interesting but it didn t I m going to guess there will be at least another book in the family possibly Cora Beth, but Ry s situation with his family was completely left open, so I guess Sadie and Griff will get books. I loved this book Such a heartwarming romance short but sweet.