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From the ashes of an ancient holy order comes an unholy relicIn the time of the Crusades, the Knights Templars were holy warriors who seemed to be blessed by God himself But over the years, the order dissolved into mysteries both sacred and profane creating an object whose power bends to the true nature of its owner.But until she held it in her hands, archaeologist Annja Creed hadn t heard of the Skull of Sidon nor the twisted tale of its origins Even now, she s still not convinced Yet someone wants it badly enough to hire a man who wields power beyond her imagining Power enough to prevent Annja from protecting the mysterious skull And power enough to kill.

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  1. Miriam Miriam says:

    I picked this up without realizing it was installment 24 in a series of 1 million It s not terrible, but I noticed right away that the writing has a generic quality that I can best describe as processed You know, like meat that s been pureed so there s no meaty texture left No distinctive traits Like heavily processed food products, it is easy to consume and digest, but lacking in flavor and nutritional value I ve finished worse, but this is the sort of book I usually drop if I m at home with better options rather than in a waiting room or on a plane, etc, with limited book resources I may try the series again starting with book one this time.Alex Archer is a pen name of Mel Odom If he actually writes every one of his 50 billion books alone and doesn t have lackeys, I m pretty impressed.

  2. Jody Vitek Jody Vitek says:

    Reminded me of a female Indiana Jones and I loved it

  3. Aisha Aisha says:

    What I Hated I know that Alex Archer is a pseudonym that several writers use to contribute to the Rogue Angel series Unlike in the previous installments in this series, Annja was VERY needy and consistently harping on being with a man or in the arms of a man or going home to be with a man to make her feel better The Annja in this installment is NOT consistent with how she s been presented in the 23 other installments that preceded The Bone Conjurer I know that each writer has their own style, but is it too much to ask for the writers to keep Annja s character consistent for the sake of the series After so many installments, HOW is Annja still doubting the sword, its impact on her life, and anything supernatural At the end of this installment, Annja had the audacity to state, I try to believe in what is shown to me I call BS on that, because throughout this entire installment she lacked belief in the sword and the powers of the Skull of Sidon Again, this points to an inconsistency between the various authors of this series Here s a clue for the publisher, if you re going to get new writers on board, at least make sure they maintain the integrity of the character that was previously established and helped to make the series great It feels like the author of The Bone Conjurer did not read the previous installments and just did whatever they felt like doing with Annja The writing in this installment wasn t as compelling as in previous installments It was very basic and detracted from the overall story a story that was great, but the execution was terrible The simple writing style adopted for this installment detracted from its entertaining qualities The editing This installment was riddled with grammatical and spelling errors I HATE when I have to spend too much time trying to figure out what the author was trying to say This helped to contribute to the less than fantastic writing style adopted by the author of this installment.What I Loved I was happy to see Garin and Roux back in the picture Annja, Garin, and Roux are tied to the sword, and thereby each other, so I feel the stories are compelling when they are all involved.Overall I was NOT impressed with this installment This installment was so disjointed from the others that preceded it and I m disappointed because it doesn t feel like it s the same series Are the publishers so desperate that they just adopted a lax attitude towards the character consistency, grammar, and spelling and just don t care about the integrity of what once was a great series I will read another installment in this series and hope that it gets back to its former greatness, if not, you ve lost a loyal reader to this series.

  4. Cleo Cleo says:

    It is a fantasy series mixed with some historical fiction Easy to read suspense I enjoyed it.

  5. Robert Robert says:

    not as good as some others.

  6. Shelley Shelley says:

    Rating 4 starsGenre Science Fiction with a supernatural twist review The Bone Conjurer, by the team of writers called Alex Archer, is the twenty fourth book in the Rogue Angel series featuring Annja Creed Annja Creed is a world traveling archaeologist with a penchant for adventure, lost cities, mysterious codes and puzzles, and shadowy history that was never recorded Heir to Joan of Arc s mystic broadsword, Annja finds herself drawn into the webs of darkest villainy with lives on the line She is also the non bimbo on the reality TV show Chasing History s Monsters.This adventure surrounds the Skull of Sidona which appears to be a child s and may be linked in history to the Knight s Templars Since I m interested in history and especially the Templars, this story was right up my alley to a point.Both Garin Braden and Master Roux return in this episode, which was a nice change of pace especially since they have been out of the story for the last several books The story actually begins with Garin and Roux finding an alchemist who was holding onto the skull in the year 1430 Later, we learn of the power that the skull actually has within its core to kill those who threaten the holder of the skull If also appears that those who are actually good in nature, can wield the skull without any harm coming to them example Annya.Annja is thrown into the mystery after a thief named Sneak, contacts her and asks her to meet him about a 900 year old skull that he found What he fails to inform Annya is that he actually stole it from the owner in Venice It ends with Annya nearly drowning and taking a bullet in the process, and then getting the smack down on her by a rather large Russian who wants the skull Annya is thrown into the middle of a quest by a billionaire who believes that the skull can cure is ailing child s cancer Naturally, whenever Annya looks for help with her problems, they end up dead This is no exception as a professor friend who she has known since taking classes, ends up dead.The setting is New York City, which is definitely a change of pace for the world traveling Annja The only problem is that she isn t even safe in her own home thanks to the skull and those who want it for their on nefarious uses There is even a necromancer, which this series has never had before, who is forced into working for the megalomaniac in order to save his family Serge also easily handles Annja each and every time they meet in a fight, until the end when she finds a way, as usual, to win.What is different in this book from others is not only do we have the return of Garin and Roux, but, NYPD Detective Bart McGilly seems to actually have feelings for Annya Yes, they have been best friends for a long time now, but never have they actually dated or shared what Annja really does Bart has always stood by Annya whenever she needed information or help This turn of events in their relationship is cause for concern Why With any other book in this series, the writers don t allow Annya anytime to take for an actual relationship Those she does find herself attracted to either leave, or they end up dead Let s hope that Bart doesn t end up in the same situation.Next book Tribal Ways 07 13 2010

  7. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    The twenty fourth in the Rogue Angel magical realism urban fantasy series about an archeologist who wields the sword of Joan of Arc, righting wrongs My Take Okay, this one is like it hey, what can I say, I like the bad boys too Yup, Garin Braden is back, and it looks like there might be a three way conflict coming up five or so stories from now Garin s got something going, and I don t trust him.I suspect Garin likes the chase, Annja certainly took a huge chance on him Roux hmmm I might sleep if he were in the same room maybe and, then there s Bart and his hugs Annja is definitely feeling the drought Bone Conjurer tries to be subtle in its hit me over the head with a hammer style The treasure is a skull associated with the Knights Templar, although the chase is on throughout New York City Naturally, some guy whom Annja likes will not be continuing on the next episode The major bad guy is really bad with a suggestion of possessive evil, although his stated goal is hopeful while his minions have the brains of hammers.The conjurer is a hammer when it comes to Annja, and he only wants the treasure for good..but then, there s the end Garin wants the treasure well, it s Garin, who knows what he intends Roux is a surprise in this one who knew he could learn discretion Annja is edging closer to spilling the beans to Bart, and Archer introduces a new character which opens up major possibilities for new adventures with the unusual.There were a number of loose ends in this story All these interested parties after the treasure with so little being revealed It was a bit Keystone Kops for a while.

  8. Mickey Reed Mickey Reed says:

    I have only continued listening to these because they are mega cool since they re done by Graphic Audio The whole cast of narrators makes each voice and character easily distinguishable The sound effects and music make this story come to life It s pretty formulaic but enjoyable anyway.This had action, danger, gun shots, sword fights, adventure, death, burying alive, supernatural necromancy, and the occasional mention of sex I appreciated that Garin was in this one for a good chunk I also liked the fact that there was a little character development hopeful, anyway in the way of relationships between maybe Annja and Garin and Annja and Bart Who knows how those might turn out, but either way, Annja needs some lovin too She always solves these mysteries, so she deserves it Hopefully these books continue being fun Here is my review for the first book in this series Alex Archer Destiny

  9. Cindy Cindy says:

    I enjoyed this one for the adventure I am always happy to see Roux and Garren back in the story I just feel that she should not be taken by surprise so much for all her martial arts experience and training She gets so beat up it makes me feel like she is a beginner instead of the expert she is suppose to be This one was interesting due to the mystical magical element to it.

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    While the artifact in this book didn t really interest me, I did like the fact that Garin was in the book and they took some time to give you a glimpse into his past I like it when they talk about the history that he and Roux lived through Plus, I m a sucker for hot bad boys