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To the tune of Jingle Bells Dashing through Jackson HoleA handsome stranger s come to townHe s an ex baseball star by tradeBut a broken engagement s got him downDerek Rossi s sworn off loveTill a nurse comes into his lifeRachel Milligan s as warm as the sunBut relationships bring her strifeA widow for many yearsShe can t forget what came beforeShe s a foster mom to MickieAnd the little girl wants even Open the book to see what happens next It was a good read I love reading books by Cindy Kirk especially where there are sequels and you can continue to get to know charactersdeeply in the other books I love that Mickie was able to get a family Too many older foster kiddos aren t as lucky as you read about in July s story. SSE 2088 This was a sweet read Mickie was one determined little girl To get her foster mum together with Derek Sending texts to get them together Engineering meetings between Rachel and Derek It wasn t easy with Rachel still mourning the loss of her husband.